On demand

You can flexibly deploy the Upwise Tax Manager for a minimum of 1 day a month for a long period, to 3 days a week, for example, for a temporary project.

From 1 day per month

From 1 day a month, you can have your own Tax Manager available for a long period who knows your company from the inside and who tackles the various departments’ tax issues using practical and applicable solutions. Maintaining contact with the Tax and Customs Administration? Optimising tax processes? Providing internal fiscal training? These are all possible. Your Upwise Tax Manager can draw up the annual corporate tax returns, determine the fiscal position in the annual accounts and provide input about tax optimisation to the board or management.

To temporarily, for a maximum of 3 days a week

When you have a temporary tax project, you can deploy the Upwise Tax Manager for up to 3 days a week for a short period. This could be useful during restructuring, for setting up a tax control framework for Horizontal Supervision by the Tax Authority, to setting up a tax strategy for the company and transfer-pricing documentation or during an audit by the Tax Authority.