Tax & Strategy

Is your medium-sized or large company facing the following issues?

  • Do you regularly have tax questions within your company, for example, from the sales or administration department about the correct application of VAT?
  • Does the financial department have questions about corporation tax or the fiscal position of your annual accounts?
  • Do the salary administration and HR department regularly have questions about payroll taxes?
  • As CFO, financial director or entrepreneur, do you want input on tax optimisation?
  • Do you need someone with solid expertise and experience to maintain proper contact with the Tax and Customs Administration to avoid an audit?

Costs can quickly increase when you have to see an external tax advisor with these types of issues. Furthermore, you do not always get practical tools that all your staff can understand and use. On the other hand, employing a full-time Tax Manager is often unnecessary and undesired. Upwise offers the solution: a corporate tax specialist who you can flexibly deploy within your organisation.

The advantages of a Tax Manager on demand

  • You receive tax advice that is practical and directly applicable.
  • You secure the tax processes and tax expertise within your organisation.
  • You have a fixed contact person for the Tax and Customs Administration.
  • You save on external consultation costs.
  • You have a fiscal sparring partner who knows your organisation from the inside and can contribute ideas on a strategic level.